Political Winds Shift In Favor Of Marijuana

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Marijuana is a huge the main American cultural landscape for up to a hundred years, tried by millions – including, apparently, the final three presidents and the current California governor. So why has it taken so very long to reach a political moment of truth – a complete national debate about the legalization, taxation and regulating cannabis? Experts say an unprecedented confluence of factors might finally be driving an alteration with a topic once known as politically too hot to handle. Among them: the recession-fueled dependence on more public revenue, increased calls to redirect scarce police officers, court and prison resources, along with a growing want to declaw powerful and violent Mexican drug cartels. Also in the mix is really a public opinion shift driven with a generation of Baby Boomers, joined with newer and more effective high-profile necessitates legislation – including some well-known conservative voices joining with liberals. Leading conservatives like former Secretary of State George Shultz as well as the late economist Milton Friedman in the past necessary legalization and a difference inside the strategy inside the war on drugs. Bruce Mirken, spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project, who for decades has monitored the wavering political winds on the subject. For medical marijuana card requirements follow the link.

President Obama recently took a prime-time news conference question on marijuana legalization – and laughingly sidestepped the question. But one of the grave items driving the population debate is California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s bill to tax and regulate the drug – an idea that polls suggest has stopped being out of the mainstream. The findings of a February Rasmussen poll showed 40 % of Americans support legalizing the drug, with 46 percent opposed and 14 percent unsure. A new California poll by Oakland EMC Research specifically tracked state voters’ attitudes on marijuana use, taxation and legalization. Opponents of legalization have long expressed concerns, proclaiming that making marijuana legal will compound substance abuse problems, that it is often a gateway drug leading to work with of harder drugs and that legalization would send an unacceptable message to children. But Democratic state Sen. Already, some localities are exploring that issue – and whether they can acquire money’s worth from rethinking cannabis legislation.

City Council woman Rebecca Kaplan. She co-authored the voter-approved Measure Z, making cannabis the cheapest law enforcement priority within the city and necessitates that Oakland tax and regulate the drug as soon as possible under state guiidelines. Lee said his or her own thriving multi-faceted enterprise, a national spearhead of what is increasingly being known as the “cannabis industry,” dramatizes the risk of those revenues. Still, politicians on both sides in the aisle happen to be wary of aligning themselves with marijuana advocates, and “we must prove ourselves,” Lee said . But it appears the movement’s advocates discovered some political lessons since the ’70s, if the Woodstock generation thrived. A recent World Health Organization study found out that 42.4 percent of Americans have tried marijuana. That is the highest amount of any country surveyed and even compares to a twenty percent rate in the Netherlands, the place that the drug is legal. A National Survey on Drug Use and Health suggested California could be creating a whopping 38 percent with the marijuana grown inside the United States. The study suggests you’ll find an estimated 3.3 million cannabis users here, representing about 13 percent with the nation’s marijuana users.

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