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With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Joinery For All at the listed website understands the need for high-quality, customised internal wooden doors for your home. We take a personalised and holistic approach to manufacturing, making sure every detail of the design reflects your individual taste and preferences. We know you want the right doors for your living space, which is why we hire some of the best craftsmen in the industry. You can be sure that each door we produce and install meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Our internal door range includes oak, walnut timber veneers and solid timber. We likewise offer laminated, MDF, and glazed doors for that shiny and elegant appearance. If you need extra protection, we have FD60 and FD30 Fire Rated Doors that come in primed only or painted/stained finishing options. Joinery For All Seasons offers bespoke, made to measure wooden interior wooden doors that match your entire living space. Whether you need it for your kitchen or just about any room in your house, we can design and manufacture an internal door to your specifications and choice of style. We likewise specialise in door ironmongery, providing our clients with a range of options. With Joinery For All Seasons, you can have that durable and stunning interior doors that will look great in your home for years to come. Discover our internal door options today and discuss your specific requirements with one of our master craftsmen. Call us or fill out our online form to get started.

A few years ago we stressed the importance of undertaking the final paint as late as possible in the restoration to prevent damage, and so it was that the final paint was being applied just days before the launch gala. Following removal from the staging area, the process of gloss green, white stripes and varnishing was repeated for the lower sections of the loco. This done, volunteers set to applying a coat of black gloss to all the visible sections of the bogies and underframe, along with red on the two end buffer-beams. Air pipes, axlebox covers and buffer-beam equipment was then picked out in a mix of colours including red, orange, yellow and white. All that remained was a few finishing touches such as the fitting of worksplates and shed plates, overhead warning signs and blue star coupling codes to the front. As planned, D5631 then went on to be formally launched on the Saturday of the Mixed Traction Gala, which also signaled the end of our involvement for now.

We are extremely pleased with how well the Class 31 turned out which now takes its rightful place as the best presented diesel on the railway. Enjoy it before the soot and sunlight get to it! The vehicle is now reaching an advanced stage, with both verandah ends now refitted. This has now heralded a new “painting era” with the previous repaired and prepared areas changing colour rapidly! The first top coats are now being applied to the two bodysides, which are the most advanced areas. Not so much maintenance, more of an addition to one of the working vehicles. The M&GN Society’s DMU trailer car, E56062, has finally had its unique (but missing) single seat adjacent to the toilet returned to its rightful place. Most of them were removed prior to preservation, however a handful survived but not all owners wanted them so some have been removed post-preservation. We were able to secure one of these unwanted examples, albeit just the framework with no cushions, and have cleaned it up and repainted it to match the existing seat colours.

Luckily we also had matching seat material left over, so the upholstery team made two cushions from scratch, with no references other than the frame they had to slot into. Newly upholstered, the seat was quickly installed into the vehicle and makes for a fine sight! Seating capacity is now up by one, although we haven’t spotted anyone sitting on it yet! Although done in two halves, the process has been the same, with everything first tidied up and all unnecessary material culled. Mobile items were them temporarily moved elsewhere before the shed floor itself was swept, hoovered, washed and wet-hoovered to create a clean floor. This was then painted for the first time since the shed was built, a task which was long overdue. This time around, we have opted for a mixed colour scheme, with the main (visitor suitable) walkways picked out in green, “no-go” bays in which the coaches are berthed in red, and everything else grey. Time will tell whether the system is successful! The floors were finished off by marking out all the walkways and colour divides with yellow lines, which makes things very clear, along with returning all of our equipment back into their rightful locations. This will set us up well going forwards with our next round of restorations, which hopefully will benefit from the clearer, cleaner workspace.

TATA Trick shots feature legendary table tennis stars such as Ma Long and Liu Shiwen, who showcase their skills through trick shots with TATA miniature doors. As part of this extended partnership with the World Table Tennis Championships, TATA Wooden Door will now have further opportunities to increase its brand awareness and product innovations through its presence at the prestigious event. The World Table Tennis Championship has a storied history, with the first event held in London in 1926. The event holds the most historical significance and highest global interest among players, fans, media and partners. Zong Ruiyuan, TATA Wooden Door President, said: “It is a great honour for TATA Wooden Door to partner with ITTF and WTT to bring table tennis into a new era. We hope that we can continue to contribute to the sport, and we believe there will be more opportunities in the future where we can witness countless glorious moments together.

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