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Furnishing a man cave? Check out these 33 man cave furniture ideas including sofas, entertainment centers, chairs, ottomans and more.

Welcome to our gallery focusing on the best, most exciting and interesting furniture ideas for your very own man cave! You can shop here to purchase the best man cave furniture online from the UK.

man cave furniture

We’ve selected some of the best examples of each type of furniture, in a range of styles, including: Sofas, Chairs, Ottomans, Bars and Stools, Coffee Tables, and Entertainment Centers.

Our top featured piece of man cave furniture is a midcentury modern sofa in button tufted light brown leather upholstery. We’ve got a range of furniture pieces both sympathetic to this style and wildly divergent. The variety and scope of what can be considered man cave furniture is extensive (as is the number of stores catering to furnishing a man cave).

We’ve broken down our wide selection into categories, aiming to flesh out at least some of the options and ideas granted by each piece of furniture.

We know that man caves are often meant to be masculine, strong, and stylish, but we remember that comfort is always key, and utility is essential. Thus, we looked for sofas, recliners, and more that would combine all of these attributes.

If you’re looking to start designing and building a man cave or flesh an existing one out, we’ve got your best place to start the furniture selection. Read on, and be sure to click the accompanying links for more information. This is just a taste of the exciting possibilities!

Table of Contents

Coffee Tables
Entertainment Centers
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We begin with sofas, the most basic and essential component of any man cave. You need a place to sit and relax before doing anything else, so a solid, comfortable sofa is the aim here.

1. Modway Loft Wool Sofa

This bright red contemporary sofa sports clean lines and a bespoke, button tufted set of cushioning. The size and sleek style makes it appropriate for any modern or contemporary space.

2. Kings Brand Modern Design Black Faux Leather Sectional Set

If you’re looking for more seating space in a single set, the sectional is where you want to look. This modern example features hinged upper cushions for support, as well as a chaise lounge section for really stretching out.

3. Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests

Going in a different direction, you might want to add an incredibly useful futon to your man cave. This versatile piece of furniture can be converted into a bed, while allowing all the seating of a normal sofa.

4. Homelegance Textured Plush Microfiber Motion Reclining Sofa in Chocolate Brown

Reclining sofas are another very popular addition to the man cave. All the comfort of a recliner is packed into the function and space of a sofa, allowing for a group of friends to relax in style.

5. Roundhill Furniture Microfiber Sofa with 2 Pillows in Patriot Blue

Finally, we highlight a superb traditional sofa, with roll arms and an upright back, with plentiful cushioning. The blue hue really stands out as a bold choice, perfect for a definitive man cave.


Every room needs a solid set of chairs; man caves especially so. We’ve sorted through the endless array of chairs to pick out a handful of particularly well built examples that could improve and fill out any solid man cave.

6. Flash Furniture Brown Leather Barrel-Shaped Guest Chair

This curved club chair is the perfect seating option for a more mature, elegant man cave. Dark leather, classic shape, and ample cushioning make for a sturdy, stylish, and comfortable chair.

7. Mid Century Modern Rosewood Lounge Chair & Ottoman With White Premium Top Grain Leather

This chair fills out the classic Eames shape, with curved wood supporting plush leather cushioning. With a matching ottoman, this slim framed chair offers ultimate comfort and relaxation.

8. Madison Park Colton Track Arm Club Chair in Grey

Here’s another classically shaped club chair, this time in grey cloth upholstery with a nailhead trim. The angular shape makes it equally at home in a modern or traditional room setup.

9. Handy Living Renew Chaise Recliner

One of the most traditional of chair options for a man cave is the classic thick-cushioned recliner. This dark leather example features extra-plush arm. Back rest cushions as well as a color that lends elegance to any space.

10. TMS Addin Chaise Recliner

In contrast with our last model, this recliner features a sleek, minimalist design and slim profile that would fit anywhere. The pared down size leaves room for options like a side pocket for reading material.


Along with chairs and sofas, man cave ottomans can truly complete your comfort setup for any man cave. Available in a range of sizes and styles, the ottoman is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own.

11. Coaster Storage Ottoman with Tufted Accents in Dark Brown Leather

Let’s begin with a classically shaped ottoman. This bench style number features a thick cushioned button tufted top, as well as dark wood arrow feet for a bespoke look.

12. Wildon Home Ying Yang Storage Ottoman

If you’re interested in making a bold stylistic statement in your man cave, you might want to start with the ottoman. This particular example features a yin yang shape, with the two halves able to separate to form individual ottomans. With built-in storage, it’s as useful as it is bold.

13. Rohe Style Classic Designer Barcelona Ottoman in White Top Grain Leather

If you’re looking for a more modern, elegant ottoman solution, keep an eye on models like this. With a curved metal X-frame and restrained white leather, button tufted cushion, this ottoman brings style in abundance to any man cave.

14. Belham Living Grayson Tufted Ottoman

Occasionally, we come across hybrid pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose. Here we have an ottoman that can serve as a sort of coffee table, with a metal frame and broad surface making for plentiful room atop.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are the centerpiece of most living room setups, and are an essential component of any well rounded man cave. You’ll need one to set drinks on, play games, and simply look fantastic in the middle of the room.

15. Zipcode Design Hayden Coffee Table

We begin our coffee table selection with a modern take on the classic rectangular design. With a wood top and built-in storage over chromed metal frame, this table is both attractive and highly utilitarian.

16. Francine Coffee Table in Walnut

A truly unique design, this table sports a trio of circular surfaces, all crafted out of walnut. The design allows for separate drink placements. Adds a striking element to any room.

17. Stein World Nassau Shaped Cocktail Table

Here we have an elegant glass-topped coffee table with sumptuous curved wood base. The oblong shape and organic curves make for an unusual but beautiful element in any man cave.

18. Moe’s Home Collection Loft Coffee Table

If you’d like a touch of the industrial in your man cave, look no further than a coffee table like this. Built over rugged casters, the metal frame design is tough, large, and features useful inner storage.

19. Oliver Coffee Table in Teak

This sleek natural wood coffee table appears in a traditional circular shape, with unique curved wood base. The singular look of the wood grain. Contemporary styling helps it mesh with any space.

20. Turner Lift Top Coffee Table in Black

Coffee tables often come equipped with surprising functionality. The below model is an example of the storage table, replete with a hinged lift-off top that reveals an abundance of inner storage space.

Home Bars & Stools

Perhaps the holy grail of man caves is having your very own bar in your home. You can serve friends and store liquid refreshment in a unique focal point for the room, with functionality rarely found in residential spaces. We’ve covered both bars and stools here.

21. This bar setup packs an abundance of function. Style into a compact frame. The bar itself features both wraparound hand and foot rails, as well as built-in wine rack, glass storage, and liquor cabinets.

22. Crosley Cambridge Wine Bar

This minimalist portable bar features sleek dark wood construction and ample storage built-in. The slim footprint allows for varied placement and ease of moving.

23. Wildon Glass Home Bar

If your man cave is on the fresher side of contemporary, you might prefer a glass bar setup, transparent and held together with sleek minimalist metal frame. This setup conserves space. Helps showcase a fine liquor collection.

24. Toscano Tewkesbury Inn Pub

The most elaborate setup we’ve yet seen outside of the local pub, this model is a full size reconstruction of a classic wood wrapped bar setup. Equipped with overhead glass storage, multiple shelves and cupboards for storage, and an ample bar space, this unique can fully recreate the local pub atmosphere in your very own man cave.

25. Keter Rattan Cool Bar

Moving toward the opposite end of the spectrum, here we have an elegantly simple bar setup. The inside of this piece is built as a cooler for drink storage, while the raised surface can be used as a serving space.

26. Roundhill Swivel Black Leather Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stool

These bar stools feature chromed construction and curved, button tufted dark leather seating. Elegant and contemporary, the leather grain helps them blend well with any styled room.

27. Coaster Bar Stools, Solid Wood Cappuccino with Wheat Back

This most traditional of bar stools stands in a dark wood upright chair frame, with beige seat cushion. The timeless look blends will in nearly any space, adding comfort and style to your home bar setup.

28. Winsome Wood 29-Inch Saddle Seat Bar Stool

The bench stool design has become increasingly popular in recent years, for good reason. It can be oriented in any way, and is easy to get onto and off of. The curved wood seat and dark stain make for an elegant bar seating solution.

Entertainment Centers

Finally we reach our last category, entertainment centers. These have been slowly supplanted in modern living rooms with simpler and smaller table setups and slim cabinets, but the only way to gather all of the proper audio/video equipment and display nicknacks into one space is still the venerable entertainment center.

29. Sauder Beginnings Entertainment Wall System

This large entertainment center setup includes all the shelving you could possibly need for your audio/video equipment. Elegant dark stained wood complements nearly any styled man cave.

30. Manhattan Comfort Morning Side Entertainment Center

This large sized entertainment center stands as a nearly wall-sized centerpiece to any man cave. Replete with bespoke glass shelving and neutral wood tones, it’s both traditional and contemporary in appearance. Sliding panels conceal extra storage below.

31. Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console

An interesting twist on entertainment center design, this model is mounted flush with the wall, eliminating footprint entirely. This allows the television and related equipment to be mounted virtually anywhere in your man cave, saving space.

32. Hokku Designs Entertainment Center

This sprawling entertainment center features dark wood and metal framework, with a pair of shelving towers flanking the surface space. Abundant storage drawers. Shelving make for a truly useful setup.

Learn more here.

33. Nightfly Entertainment Center with Optional Piers

This ultra-modern entertainment center is equipped with a pair of inner-lit display cases flanking the main body, perfect for those with nicknacks, trophies, or artwork to show off. The sleek white construction adds perfect contrast to any rich room.

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